Social Media Policy

The New England Library Association offers social software tools for professional and recreational use of NELA members. NELA social software tools provide a limited (or designated) public forum to facilitate the sharing of ideas, opinions, and information about library-related subjects and issues. The organization’s social software is intended to create a welcoming and inviting online space where members will find useful and entertaining information and can interact with library workers around the region and around the world. Comments may be moderated by NELA staff, contractor(s), and members of the Public Relations Committee, and NELA reserves the right to remove comments that are unlawful or off topic.

Definition of Social Software for NELA
Social software is defined as any web application, site, or account that facilitates the sharing of opinions and information about library-related subjects and issues. It can include, but is not limited to, such formats as blogs, listservs, websites, social network pages or posts (e.g. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LiveJournal, etc.)

Responsibilities and Comment Guidelines
NELA social forums are limited public forums. Users are required to stay on topic and abide by the law. It is expected that all content on NELA sponsored social software will be professionally presented. Writers and content contributors should check facts, cite sources, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar before making a post live. Copyright compliance is required.

Writers are expected to post information which, in their best judgment, will be of value to library workers throughout New England. Postings will be respectful of NELA, its members, staff, contractor(s), volunteers, partners, competitors, and critics.

The following list (not exhaustive) is grounds for not posting a comment to a NELA web application:

  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Libelous and/or defamatory statements
  • Private and personal information
  • Comments unrelated to the content of the forum, and/or hyperlinks to material not directly related to the discussion
  • Commercial promotions or spam
  • Organized political activity unrelated to the content of the forum
  • Obscene posts
  • Duplicated posts from the same individual

(Adopted March 2012)